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What have we done?

No, No really its not all that bad. I've heard the 1st 3months of having a baby are completely Nuts.Well that depends on who you ask. Me, personally, i hate to sleep. And who needs peace and quiet? I'm use to sticking my head in the open hood of my honda accord and saying "Rev the engine honey!" I can handle an unhamperd scream in the ear.

Have you ever not slept for so long you begin to think you dont need sleep and everyone around you is crazy for thinking they do? Your not alone! I reached that point two days ago. A friend told me whether you sleep or not your body will release the same chemical it does when you dream. Then u get the effect of "Dreaming while awake"

I dont know if thats true or not but i never realized how much i like pink ponys. Sigh...if only the Green and blue swirl hay to feed them were cheaper.

When My son came home, every fart, giggle and burp was cute. I kissed his nose down to his toes and Stared at him while he slept. I felt i couldn't fill my eyes enough of him. He's an amazing boy and truly a gift. I've come to the conclusion that everyone with children who gave me tips and advice, those What-TO-Do-Ifs, were very right.

Here are a few

1.Always cover the pee-pee while changing diapers (Unless you Enjoy a Healthy dose of gold lemonade)

2.Never Over feed Your baby,Know there limits for them(Unless you like doing laundry Spit-up does not come out easy)

3.Share the responsibility(Unless you want to lose your mind to Babyworld)

4.When baby sleeps YOU sleep (UNLESS Pink Ponies are your thing)

Happy parenting!!!
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