Plastic Wrapped People

Clean? Pure? What do those words mean?

Dont ask The goverment because they DONT KNOW.I thought the BP spill was dreadful and a bit sobering guess I was wrong.

I was doin some light web surfing and stumbled upon(No I wasnt useing the stumbleupon.com search Engine,By the way that is a really dumb idea to be useing that program you have to have hours to kill out of your life and if you do that means you dont really have one,sorry stumbleupon.com had to say it!!!

Well ive come across some pretty disturbing things on the web about globle warming,ECO decline,OIL SPILLS -BP cough cough- but for this one I dont know whether to Cry or laugh about it.

GET THIS,In Hong Kong's the clean air crisis is at such a high point that the "Clean Air Network" has decided to ditch the frighteningly serious approach to raising awareness about the health concerns of the air pollution and their trying a new product that allows Hong Kong citizens to "experience breathing like the rest of the world does" with a portable can of oxygen.

Is this real or fake? Looks real to me. Shows how much the CAN people care about making a change. Go to hongkongcan.org to raise awareness.
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