Cheap Ideas for Curing Basement Blues

I never dreaded Monday night football until I moved into the basement of Doom.Don't get me wrong its a great place but basements have alot of downsides.The stampeding ogers that live above me drive my with and I crazy at times.I'm so elated that my newborn sons a heavy sleeper.If he wasn't I have a feeling Id haveing to go up stairs hourly and plead my case,my son just got to sleep ,I have to get up early In the morning and my wife has a shotgun aimed at the ceiling ,please for everyone's sake keep it down.

Besides that the service blows NO WIfI.Ive found if I stand on the couch and stick my phone by the window Ill get 3G, Other wise Ive struck gold just to get one bar of Edge-(The lower grade signal before the famous 3G took over).

Ive constructed a list for all those basement dwellers who wish to make life below ground alot better.

First and foremost ,most if not all basements feel and look small.
A large mirror will make the room look larger.I have about 6 mirrors,Placing them in areas you want to look bigger is the key.Living room ,bathroom and of course the bedroom are prime targets.

Second basements always have small windows so it tends to be dark in ominous 90 percent of the time. No one wants to live in a mole hole so get light bulbs with a natural light spectrum. It will add a very nice outside feeling,I use 120 volt day lights,Great bulbs Great Price courtesy of home depot.

Third unless you like the gloomy swap like habitat get small dehumidifiers.Basements get moggy something serious (you ll need this more in the summer,you can also save money by getting one that doubles as a fan).

For the bedroom lighting a nice orangy / rusty red lamp - will give you that warm cosy feel, just get one in for the corner of the room(best for the bedroom hudda hudda)=).

Fourth Wallpaper keeps the walls of the basement from drying if they get wet. Paint walls; don’t use wallpaper.

Fifth THROW RUGS!! I love them because if you choose different colors on different parts of the house you make various spaces seem like they have there own theme.My son has one plush color driped Green,Red,Yellow,Blue and Brown rug we got from ikea under his crib.It only sticks out a few feet but when you step on it you feel like your in his domain.Nice Touch!!

Well these are only a few tips if you have any questions on how you can spruce up that old spider infested basement more feel free to email me or leave a comment.Any tips of your own? Love to hear.

Happy basement living all my fellow mole people.
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