The Power Of Twitter In the NFL

How do you stop local television blackouts and rioting football fans from throwing Tvs threw windows? Call on Twitter!!The New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers can thank Twitter for helping  them sell out Sunday's game.

On Thursday fans checked the teams official Twitter account that told of 1,000 general tickets that still needed to be sold by 1:15 p.m. local time in order to lift the blackout.Within Hours the remaining tickets were in the hands of drooling fans,half of which were Pats fans.San Diego sent out a tweet as well yawn..

With over 52,000 follower on there twitter its clear New England is using the social networking tool to there advantage.Not only to reach out to fans but to make money.I know i wont be shocked to see this happen again in the near future.Technology is great ,its even better when we use it to get done what couldn't of happened without it.

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