Over Do and Completely over IT


I cant take it anymore my wife Princess shouts from the other room the sound of despreation and stains her voice. I want to ask " Are you ok" but the answers so clear I can see right threw it and into the future, any second Princess is going to come stamping her feet threw the bedroom door with her shoulders hunched, arms dangleing like 50pound dum bells at her side and the saddest little face youll ever see Im telling you a five year old couldnt make better Cow-Eyes,So Good I tell her theres no need for me to have a daughter because your my little girl.
Wait for it Wait for it....... Threw the door ,dejected look Annnd Cow Eyes!

My Poor wife is 40weeks and it shows, Shes gained more then I can say and keep my head on my shoulders , she recently told me its like carrying a teenager in a phanny pack Ouch would be an understatement and the last thing you want todo is make an understatement to a woman in pain

The doctors say its all water and it will go away but that does nothing for a womans ego COME ON doc!!! Im telling you a paperplate has more bedside manner then some of these doctors weve had. Thats right more then one a grand total of 3 so far, that may not seem like many but dont forget were dealing with one baby here,thats alot!

Well were up for regular vists now , until the little guys born shes going to have to tuff it out and Im going to do my best to help sigh........and they say haveing the babies the easy part.

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