The Takers Took me on A Trip

Man o man Fresh out the theater! I couldnt wait to get home to blog this one, With Princess down for the count(yet Again) I took another trip to the Movies to catch recently released Takers!!

I was Looking Forward To This one!

With a few mates along for the ride we arrived late ahhhh I hate that I love watching the previews it didnt give me a chance to say O Yeeea im going to see that with random stangers yelping yea me to behind and in front of me, Arriveing after starting time also leaves you at the mercy of the Best Seat thieves as well.

Well 3 mins late (Thats alot for Me) I walk in to find a rather lame seat,,digging my hand into the overly buttered popcorn(The Best!!!) the movie gives its young star studded cast there intros, Whos it Starring?

Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Michael Ealy, Tip 'TI' Harris, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, and Zoe Saldana. Its like the Young guys of the Movie world got together to show hollywood its future.

I have to Interject -Ive Looked over five or sx reviews they compeletly dog this movie, LISTEN im a real person not someone paid to give pros and cons, The movie was Good it had this scarey movie whats going to happen next feel,It was like watching a thiller-action-Drama all rolled into one granted some of the lines were shall we say cheesey But the way they catered to you getting to know the characters to the point you really cared what happen to them was pretty darn good!

I hoped he got away I wanted him to get caught Dang it someone catch this guy!!
Bottom line if you like feeling like your in the movie take the trip to see takers its a Fun trip down actioram lane.

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