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It seems that lately all my post have been about going to the movies uugh I dont know about you but I cant stand that I Mean come-on this is not a movie review site, I do alot more then watch flicks,

For example Princess and I went to the beach with a few of our friends to "Salsa Night" Why didnt this make post status ? IT SUCKEd my wife is nine months pregnant and i feel like i have Two left Feet( I hear that I am rather good on the dance floor but I save cutting a rug for a home alone past-time)

I cant stand the way (some)single people act, after being married a year "beating around the bush" with a female or male you like is so pointless and such a waste of time it kills me!!

If your digging - Feeling- Interested in that person let them know,
I really like you we should get to know each other better....OMg Your a Monster lol no no that shouldnt happen UNLess your foaming at the month when you tell them and in that case you just might be,

But really the worst case scenario they will let you know the feeling is not mutual and You can still be friends and youll have the huge Umm im your friend but I really like you elephant out of the room,(you never know alot of friendships have turnd into more)

Advice: Keep It Real be Truthful EVERYONE can respect that and good Relationships are Built on that Block.

Well I Hope my single friends are reading this because IM Sick Of the shanagains!
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