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Love at First sight, My son was born yesterday it was truely the most wonderful thing Ive ever seen.I have an all new respect for woman there so strong( Truth be told I Know I couldnt do it).

Princess was In labor for 15 hours before Jude came.No C-Section required. Im so glad,for her sake.Whew so breath taking, My wife was given an epidural after 5hours of shaking from pure pain.When the epidural kicked in she got rather loope and danced in the bed(Yes In Labor). I couldnt believe my eyes she told me jokes and kept quoting Ron Burgundy Anchorman lines,Her number one line "I ate a Big Red candle".

Princess did an hour of pushing and fainted 3times the last two times she pushed and her lips turned a dark blue.That was an intense life experience the tension,the blood and the SMELL (like baby,poop and blood ) strange Ill never get that out of my nose.The Power of a woman is beyond my understanding.Im more in love with my wife now then the day I pronounced "I Do".

Little J was 7.14 pounds and 21 inchiz,average weight but very long.I really cant believe I sat down long enough to write this.Between changing messy diapers and running back in forth to the house Ive been so busy(Male Nesting).I should get back to my new lifes work sigh I love this boy truely a wonder pass what words are capable of expressing.
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  1. Congrats lil brother.your to are gonna be great parents, and you have your families support and love.

    Big bro ill a

    P.s. Tell Jude is uncle is the greatest in the world......lol

  2. Congratulations. Being a parent is the greatest joy in life!


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