My PaperThin Backbone

Its Starting to become quite a drag.My wife Princess is now a week over-do, the feet dragging is at an all time high, im deeply concerned that the carpets are going to have feet tracks burnt into them soon.

Princess and I go in twice a week for check-ups and Daily proper eating is still a major factor. Its truely amazing how when we first found out we were pregnant I looked online in search of all baby brain foods and whats the best carrot for the babies future eye sight to be hawk like. Three months in and wendys dollar menu was at the top of the food pyramid.
The road to high cholesterol is paved with a great diet plan.

Well no matter the babies on his way and hes rather chunky to, 8 pounds and several ounces.Im sure that the science food aka Wendys baconator didnt help.

Topping the chart of misery off my wife has puppps ugh so sad its defined as a benign, severely itchy and painful skin rash, they say that it occurs in one out of 240 pregnancies and leaves the expectant mother in despair for relief. I Mr B can verify that its beyond emotional and physical distress. Watching princess in such torment is truely overwhelming , weve tried six different treatments over the counter and from the doctors hand, nothing seems to work.

Ive read that the only true cure is having the baby. So with open arms ,ready bodies and a mind set of -lets get this party started -were awaiting our little poop factory.
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