Brain-Dead MommyNDaddy

SIGH sometimes I sit in front of the tube watching Toy Story 2 for the zillionth time,thinking deeply there has to be something more productive that I could be doing with my life at this moment.


Laundries in the washer AND the dryer the dishes are washed
And our little jude babies fast asleep giving off a happy yawn often enough for you to not forget his presence.Its amazing how hes sleep but threw coos, twitch-is and cuteness he demands attention.
The house is as clean as its going to get(when there's a baby in the home nothing seems to stay clean I'm pretty sure when we sleep he gets up , throws all the dvds on the floor ,spits on all the plates and spoons then puts them back in the sink ,unfolds all the shirts and hides every left sock he can find.

How I find myself in 18 years? Brain dead from lack of sleep,Naked because all my garments have been completely ruined from spit-up and miss-fired pee shots, drooling from over exposure to green ,brown ,orange and ugh whatever that color is baby poop.With a permanent "Wheres your mother look" plastered on my face.

I guess these moments of sitting alone quietly watching kids movies ,laughing a little and relaxing alot is the most productive thing I can be doing for my mental health(It helps a Great deal) When you have a child never forget the child inside of you He or She will keep you grounded.When you laugh at something your kids done instead of throwing a fit ,thank the inner child because its him/her that helps you understand and sometimes enjoy the little ones shenanigans.
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