A bus Ride 2 forget

Bus riding Not for the faint of heart.In one corners a nameless sticky substance in the the other a nameless sticky looking old man and I really really hope that isn't pee.

I Dread the thought of taking my son on the (Bus)Mta.The thought makes my blood itch.In this every declining economy its hard to afford a car a house and a baby.You would think going Green is a simple solution but sitting on this traveling circus garbage truck I feel like everyone who's goes green gets punished daily.

Im not sure where all the money for the City's going but one things for-sure its not purchasing anything toward our comfort.

Well there's no use ranting and raving over a system that refuses to change.
I was on the bus in the first place because my ssCard got up and walked away. I'm happy to say that getting there was the most time consuming part.It felt like a 1..2..3 and I was done and out the door headed back to Princess and my little one.I'm total not looking forward to the trip home.Soon as i get back to the base of operation I plan on taking a nice long bleach bath.
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