Self Help. Part 2 How to be a bully!!

Before I set down to write part 2 of self help, I looked threw my local newspaper. I seen that there are truly disturbing matters taking place in our school system.Not just in higher grades but the elementary schools as well. When I was in school teasing and jesting was a normal everyday occurrence on the play ground. As of the past Few years the poking fun as escalated to a staggering level and resulting in harmful occurrence's .I do enjoy statistics but I'm not here to run down the facts. Rather I hope to dispel many of the beliefs there are attached to bullies and how they can get the help that is needed before they become responsible for the deep inner pain and or harm of another.

The Poison that lives within

Many people have come down hard on the abuse that children call poking fun.Why do the children doing it view it different from the on lookers that see it as savage behavior? Is there something wrong with your Our eyes? Maybe there is....perhaps were not looking at it the way the child is. How can that be? Pain is pain right. No!

Imagine a baby being born in a psychiatric ward year in and year out they will no doubt witness behavior that is, mentally unstable,aggressive,controlling,disrespectful to the authority's that are there to help. They may even come across patients that are overly sexual and manipulative.To them this is NORMAL yes because they were raised around an atmosphere that shows (may have not taught) but showed them this every day they have come to believe that's how everyone is. To them those who don't act within these mannerism  are weird,different(geeks,nerds,Wimps If you will). 
Behavior is learned and a child that brings violence or other offensive acts to school is learning it from somewhere(Tv,Games,Parents).A question to the parents, has your child ever come home and whopped you on the side of your head? If the answer is no,take a moment to think why not......

These may just be some of the reasons that went threw your head

1.Those acts wont be tolerated in my home.
2.He or she isn't that kind of person.
3.My child would never THINK to do something like that because love,respect etc.

All these reasons can boil down to one statement"I taught my child better then that".
So when we see a toddler,teen,young adult bring those types of behavior's to school the question is not why is this child doing this but where did this child learn to act this way.Sifting threw the layers of the childs Mind can revel that answer but how is that accomplished.

I will discus that in , Self help Part 3 "Your Crazy, Here's how I can Tell"


  1. Bradley,

    This is wonderful and being the number one Dad is so important and this self help blog is what everyone needs, we learn from each other and progress with something we might not have thought of ourselves. Thank you for commenting on my Success Blog. I really appreciate it and love the work you are doing here. Keep it up because young people listen to other young people....usually. Emotional Intelligence

    Good luck

    turn your dofollow link ability on. I had to learn how myself. key in the question how to turn on dofollow in blogspot. That way to can allow people to leve their link. I have tried to above but don't know if it will work.


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