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Psycho ,Lazy, Awkward, Geek ,Out there, Down to earth, we hear these terms all of the time.Most of us use them in our daily lives but what do they mean? Who do they refer to? If we were to fit in to one of theses category's can we ourselves decide when we change from one to the other. Is a person always destine to be caged in by the emotion that creates the atmosphere around him or her we call our being our essence.

Many people believe change is beyond them but I'm here to tell you that's far from the truth.Refinement can take place in many ways.Ive taken the time to put it into Three simple understood classes.

1.The turtle walk- The tw is when someone transforms slowly as the name would depicted.The motivations is not there and is usually from and out-side source which causes a forced transition .The individual is pushed in a path he or she doesn't want to go so it becomes a up hill battle toward self progression.

2.The rapid rush- This is a dangerous course,this takes place when a person wants to make a difference's in his life but isn't sure where to start so he or she moves hastily choosing various paths inconsistently , many times these new and dangerous behaviors do create a revamped life feeling but no true progress in attained.

3.Stroll To happiness- Simplely  put you set your mind on what you want and you go get it.Slow and steady minded don't forget it is a stroll.This is the best kind of change one that's tamed and at the individuals own pace.

Watch where your life's headed

"You must see the end to know where to begin"-Bradley Campbell

"Walking with scissors is just as bad as running because its not the pace your moving at that's going to cause you to hurt yourself its when you trip that the harm comes"-Bradley Campbell

Teach the head and the body will follow,with that being said here are

Fives Rules For Brain-Body Health

1.Drink plenty of water and green tea (not many calories in theses).
Reason-Your brain is 80 percent water,proper hydration is key and the first rule in The BB Health system.

2.Limit caffeine intake(as much as you can)
Reason-Caffeine dehydrates the brain,which makes it harder to think.Also causes increase muscle tension.

3.Reduce salt intake and increase potassium intake.
Reason-A high Salt intake diet has been proven to raise hypertension.Potassium contains vital electrolytes.

4.Plan snacks
Reason- Going to long without eating will cause your blood sugar levels to drop too low.Low blood sugar levels have been associated with poor impulse control and irritability.

5.Take a daily Multivitamin/mineral supplement.
Reason- Lets face it most of us are to busy to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.These little guys give us the nutritious we miss in our busy day.

Are you ready to reset, re-balance and build stress resistance wall of health and well-being? Comeback and Discover how.

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