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I feel like I've been away from my Website so long I don't know where to start to get back on a roll.Having a child is no easy matter. I thought the 9months was tough till the labor. Then I thought the labor was tough till the delivery.

Now that he's here, a whole new ball of wax has been slipped under my feet to slide on, trip and get stuck.

Its good to hear, after a month, that your child has textbook good health.That was one of my worries. My family has down's syndrome in my mother's line. So my wife and I were a bit antsy.We didn't do all the tests to find out whether or not he might be a child with down's syndrome because we knew, either way, we'd love him all the same.

So, as you can imagine, a sigh of relief fell over us when we discoverd he was perfect head to toe: ten fingers, ten toes.

Taking him home was amazing. It's almost too good to grasp that the hospital will allow you to take such a precious little human life away to care for without any experience.

The adventure has only begun...........
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  1. True... raising a child is no easy matter. I've got 2 girls of my own.It's such a big responsibility being a parent but they are the greatest gift in my life.Nice post,your son is so cute.


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