The 9month Old seed

So me and my lovey wife princess are at the 38th week mark. Were both getting very antse waiting for our little crumb snatcher to come.My wife went into labor at 3am she was checked into the hospital winT she stayd in labor for 5 str8 hours . She sent me a txt that just read .....(911), no answer ,she called me 8 times left 2 voice mails, one asked why i wasnt picking up ,lol woman tend to ask silly questions when in labor.

You may be wondering what shes doin out the house and away from me at 3 AM, well princess works over nite and she refuseiz to stop working sigh, good new tho she works right at the hospital we plan to have our baby at. Im hopeing she goes into labor while shes at work thats the safeizt thing that could happen if you ask me.

Well todays august 8th and shes still sporting the budda belly so little jj didnt come and yes shes working again 2nite (her choice) thanks for reading my 1st post,ill be sure to keep you updated on the growth of our littth giving tree.
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