Is ladyGaga appropriate for children?

If you dont know who the recent proclaimed pop queen is your most likely living under a rock, but after truely giveing her lyrics a tru ear and a word for word listen to im starting to think thats not a bad idea at all.

In this dayNage its hard to find muisc that isnt "racey" but id have to say theres a clear diffrence between speeding fast and plowing clean into a wall. Granted ladygagas sound NOT lyrics are very catche id be liein if i told you i havent hummd one of her toons in the shower, tru as that is after really takeing time to see what i was takeing in i stopd because of the pure personal discust of it.

It would be wrong for me to bagg on ladyG without right cause and of course examples that being said
Bad romance the message- Shes a sex slave
Video Phone- She sex txting(when you have sex threw your phone)
Poker face- She flirts with the man to get to his woman, Nuff said if you ask me, I think at the end of the day it all comes down to what you want stuck in your (your childs) head, unlike adults children have a harder time stopping something that they may like but is wrong or bad for them, help them out after all your the parent.
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