Dare To Face The Day

Im new at this but im a fast learner how hard could this really be ( My thoughts after my wife Princess and I talked over me being a stay at home-Dad) Whew boy am I rethinking that under developed half cooked idea, I truely have to hand it 2 all you moms out there tru blue troopers you gals are, its a handfull alone holding down a job in this empolyment wasteland of a country some of you do both Bravo, By the way I read recently that it is harder on people who are working because there forced to pick up the slack in the company without xtra wages so being on unemployment may be better at this point in time something to consider ..... Gives you lots of time to spend with the kids and to take care of those things that seem to never get done like those clogged gutters for example.

Well half awake but ready to take on these task I stood in front of the sink and stared at the empire state high stack of plates ,Pass ,I thought to myself what else can I do sniff sniff yea that needs to be takein out Yet Again ,Does it ever seem that everytime you empty the trash it magicley refills itself ? What in the worlds goin on its like we throw out more then we buy wheres all this dang gon trash comeing from(Fact: antiHeftybag Mini mongrol monsters add garbage while your not looking my sisters cuzinz brothers friend told me) Anyway Washing The dirty cloths was without a dout the high point of my stay at home daddy day I was out, had my Music on and everything went rather smooth UNTIL ringgg riingg my android went off OK I should be able to grab the cloths put them in the bagg and answer the phone ( werent things alot easyr when there were flip-phones) stupid touch screen i touched it didnt pick up touched it didnt pick-up touched it PLOP my hard work on the floor .....and it was all going so well, Maybe ill get better at this overtime, Hopefully.
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