Scott Pillgrim VS Napping In the theater

So I went to see this movie yea I go out2 movies alot i kno i kno any time away from princess yall prolly catch me at the theater with an over priced chicken tender combo with a large cup of sprite ( Those large cups are more like buckets) so i set down looked around at a rather empty theater wasnt worried just yet but ok previews start 2 roll my fav part of going to the movies, by the time the movie started the theater hadnt filled out AT ALL.

Long story short The Movie was like a fast paced napolean dynamite, the laughs were there but the movies so soopd up with CgI that it makes the story feel young and jerky.There was well done kung-fu fight scenes and very very funny moments but the actually storyline was pretty much crape i endd up walking out 50mins in(Purely because the storyline was dum and felt overplayed I yawnd after the 2nd Boyfriend he fought)Concept was kool failed on delivery, Id say go see it if you have the time to kill if not wait till it comes to redbox.

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