I took a day to myself while princess rested up before work i headd out to the mall to search for something to wear to my wifes "Suprise baby shower" so i made the usual H&M , Billebong , Zumiez run threw i came up with a whole lotta nothing i did happen to stumble upon a brown suger drownd pretzel from auntie annes and a serious tween overload. I cant believe how many snippe teen label drones there are scurrying roosevelt field mall its mind boggleing. So empty handd and rather fustrated I decided to catch a flick going into inception i had kno idea what to expect. First off the movie has a star studded cast Leonardo decaprio, Ellen page (From Juno), Tom hardy (Rockn Rolla) . Heres the breakdown , In a world where technology exist to enter the mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled dream thief is given a finally chance of redemption (Chance to see his children again) which involes the most diffcult task hes ever undertaken Inception of an idea threw a dream.The movies sweet i could tell you the ending and youd still njoy it, if you have a little xtra time on your hands even if you dont!! Id say make the time this movie will have you daydreaming long after the credits.
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