C4 The Baby Shower

After timeing and planning and agrueing with party planrs Kaboom...

38 weeks prego and there just now planning to give my wife princess a baby shower and they want me in on it sigh.My mother inlaw and one of princessiz very close friends rival over who will bring her to the same party(ladies its not that big of a deal) so one txted my wife inviteing her to a bbq the the other out to dinner on the same day mind you. No good they needd a inside man thats where I come into the story.

My mother inlaw txtd me last week to ask me to help out in her twisted plot to suprise my very pregnant wife sure i thought this should be easy ill just slip out a few hours before and hang a few banners NOPE she wanted me to convice a 9 month pregnant princess with swallon feet back pain and a thing for sour patch kids icecream and pickles to go to a bbq to mingle. Have you ever talk to a lady on the edge of giving birth the size of there rear end comes up at least 3times every 10mins.

Somehow i manged it so me and Princess are goin out to dinner with my mother inlaw then stopping over her friends house to say hi to everyone at the bbq (where the partys at) Ok plan set in stone job well done i though NOPE, Princess went into lador a night ago 5hours of labor little J didnt come it was false labor but shes not goin to make it another week the doctors say and the partys 6 days away and takeing our new born baby to a "BBQ" is not goin to flying with princess (it shouldnt) and who wants to give birth at one.

So my mother inlaw moved it back to the another week so the baby is a little older ummm no i dont want my baby out that early and Princess said shes not goin anywhere i couldnt get her to budge with the new "BBQ" date my mother inlaw keeps pushing it and princessiz friend keeps trying to convince her to come out.

THUS i planted C4 and told Princess, she laughd and thanked me,now we can decide when its best to do the shower Together unbeknowst to all.
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