Death At the Dentist Hand

I recently went to get two of my wisdom teeth removed the pain of them pushing threw my gums reached its boiling point and upon waking with my head splitting like a quart of fire wood I said THATS IT!

Im truely no good at makeing appointments (for anything) if its not within a 100feet of mybed it wont get done till the 11th hour,Its bad I know im a home body im working on thats, its actually rather funny a few months ago my wife princess after sometime finally persuaded me to acompany her to the park, we held hands walked along the jogg track, watched a short tennis game and set by the batting cages and talked after 20mins the sun reached its peak in the sky for that day and the little blood suckers were out in full force. I drank some of our bottled water leand back on the bench and said with a sigh of satisfaction this is wonderful the sun is shineing the air is fresh and " There are gadflies eating me alive" princess interjects,needless to say that wonderful trip to the park ended there.

Well back to my devastating trip to the deathist I mean dentist, After a swift X-Ray the nurse came in and asked me if Id like to go to sleep or did I want shots to numb the gums and stay awake, Sleep HA!! theres no way im napping while the white coats have there hands in my mouth, Ill stay awake I replied with a confidence and ease that shocked the older all white clad nurse nice scrubs for such a nasty job ( They say the mouth has more germs then a full sink how bout those dirty facts)

They must not get to many people who want to be aware for this procedure, I was asked multiple times if I was sure before the foot long steel needle came out, OMG that thing has its own heart beat, I briefly considered passing out but before the thought was completed the injection had begun, ok so you lied once already this isnt painless after the steel ice pick looking syringe hit my gums 5 more time my tongue went numb and almost sliped down my throat. Doctor evil put another steel looking paddle in my mouth ( Are any of these things made out of marshmellows or sweettarts .....the novacaine must of reached my brain.

Relax youll only feel a little pressure she said I could of swore she was grinning,(What i heard was) Im going to tear your bone from your skull enjoy the view (What i saw) blood shiney knives things that im sure belongd on hitlers dinner table and enuff blood to make saw 10 look over the top. Crack-Crunch-Pop-Split-Squirt, that dosent do what I heard any justice to put it lightly it sounded like Al bundy choping a cherry tree to bits( My only clear thought i can remember -Why would anyone want to be awake while this is happening )

When I came to Mentaly I was walking very slowly to the waiting room feeling like a small child the waiting room was heaven and behind me was as close as you could get to hell. Beware dont go to the dentist without knowing the drill, I had to learn the hard sharp and steel way.
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