What Topic I Just Write

It seems that lately all my post have been about going to the movies uugh I dont know about you but I cant stand that I Mean come-on this is not a movie review site, I do alot more then watch flicks,

For example Princess and I went to the beach with a few of our friends to "Salsa Night" Why didnt this make post status ? IT SUCKEd my wife is nine months pregnant and i feel like i have Two left Feet( I hear that I am rather good on the dance floor but I save cutting a rug for a home alone past-time)

I cant stand the way (some)single people act, after being married a year "beating around the bush" with a female or male you like is so pointless and such a waste of time it kills me!!

If your digging - Feeling- Interested in that person let them know,
I really like you we should get to know each other better....OMg Your a Monster lol no no that shouldnt happen UNLess your foaming at the month when you tell them and in that case you just might be,

But really the worst case scenario they will let you know the feeling is not mutual and You can still be friends and youll have the huge Umm im your friend but I really like you elephant out of the room,(you never know alot of friendships have turnd into more)

Advice: Keep It Real be Truthful EVERYONE can respect that and good Relationships are Built on that Block.

Well I Hope my single friends are reading this because IM Sick Of the shanagains!
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The Takers Took me on A Trip

Man o man Fresh out the theater! I couldnt wait to get home to blog this one, With Princess down for the count(yet Again) I took another trip to the Movies to catch recently released Takers!!

I was Looking Forward To This one!

With a few mates along for the ride we arrived late ahhhh I hate that I love watching the previews it didnt give me a chance to say O Yeeea im going to see that with random stangers yelping yea me to behind and in front of me, Arriveing after starting time also leaves you at the mercy of the Best Seat thieves as well.

Well 3 mins late (Thats alot for Me) I walk in to find a rather lame seat,,digging my hand into the overly buttered popcorn(The Best!!!) the movie gives its young star studded cast there intros, Whos it Starring?

Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Michael Ealy, Tip 'TI' Harris, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, and Zoe Saldana. Its like the Young guys of the Movie world got together to show hollywood its future.

I have to Interject -Ive Looked over five or sx reviews they compeletly dog this movie, LISTEN im a real person not someone paid to give pros and cons, The movie was Good it had this scarey movie whats going to happen next feel,It was like watching a thiller-action-Drama all rolled into one granted some of the lines were shall we say cheesey But the way they catered to you getting to know the characters to the point you really cared what happen to them was pretty darn good!

I hoped he got away I wanted him to get caught Dang it someone catch this guy!!
Bottom line if you like feeling like your in the movie take the trip to see takers its a Fun trip down actioram lane.

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The Other Guys -MOVIE-

Directed by Adam McKay(Who was behind the camera on the tastefully funny flick Anchorman). With Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as leading actors, At first I wonderd if these two would mix well but I was shocked how well they performed along side one another.There were ALOT of stars in the movie that had brief roles but added there own unique touch.

Over all the movie was Great really Great, I wanted to write more but theres not much else to say but go see it I loved it.Truely shows Will Ferrells not even close to being over ,I was blown away by some of the laughs, this guys crazy he holds the funny bone and dosent let go( Im sure a Few people were crying in the front)

You kno what really threw me more then the heavy laughs were the action cuts ,Awesome stuff , Its great to see well placed CGI in a comedy good stuff go see it!!
(The ending was a bit weak but over all the movie was a blockbuster) Im going to see it again.
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Christina AppleGate Flips OUT

Pregnant and on the edge actress Christina Applegate has been seen barking at unsuspecting strangers - she blames the out of control hormones,

Usweekly reports:
“The other day, my girlfriend took me to the bank,” she said, explaining that they “pulled up really close to the ATM. It was really hot. I didn’t want to have to walk. I mean, I’m pregnant for crying out loud! I don’t need to walk.”
When a security guard “yelled” at Applegate and her pal for their illegal parking job, the star lost it. “I was just like, Shhhhh! Shhhhh! It is too hot out to be a dou***bag, okay?!”
Applegate quickly stopped herself, though. “What’s wrong with me?” she quipped. “I was like, ‘Who am I right now?! That’s a horrible thing to say to somebody!’”

Phew,, I think its funny shes not even 4 months and she dosent want to walk, Im not saying do a 10 mile hike its an Atm (Those things are never in remote places) Geez Apple! Truthfully if she wasnt a Celeb someone would have gotten a ticket or an overnight slumber party at the big House.Ether way Pregnant Woman Rock because they dont care and it shows.
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Over Do and Completely over IT


I cant take it anymore my wife Princess shouts from the other room the sound of despreation and stains her voice. I want to ask " Are you ok" but the answers so clear I can see right threw it and into the future, any second Princess is going to come stamping her feet threw the bedroom door with her shoulders hunched, arms dangleing like 50pound dum bells at her side and the saddest little face youll ever see Im telling you a five year old couldnt make better Cow-Eyes,So Good I tell her theres no need for me to have a daughter because your my little girl.
Wait for it Wait for it....... Threw the door ,dejected look Annnd Cow Eyes!

My Poor wife is 40weeks and it shows, Shes gained more then I can say and keep my head on my shoulders , she recently told me its like carrying a teenager in a phanny pack Ouch would be an understatement and the last thing you want todo is make an understatement to a woman in pain

The doctors say its all water and it will go away but that does nothing for a womans ego COME ON doc!!! Im telling you a paperplate has more bedside manner then some of these doctors weve had. Thats right more then one a grand total of 3 so far, that may not seem like many but dont forget were dealing with one baby here,thats alot!

Well were up for regular vists now , until the little guys born shes going to have to tuff it out and Im going to do my best to help sigh........and they say haveing the babies the easy part.

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Death At the Dentist Hand

I recently went to get two of my wisdom teeth removed the pain of them pushing threw my gums reached its boiling point and upon waking with my head splitting like a quart of fire wood I said THATS IT!

Im truely no good at makeing appointments (for anything) if its not within a 100feet of mybed it wont get done till the 11th hour,Its bad I know im a home body im working on thats, its actually rather funny a few months ago my wife princess after sometime finally persuaded me to acompany her to the park, we held hands walked along the jogg track, watched a short tennis game and set by the batting cages and talked after 20mins the sun reached its peak in the sky for that day and the little blood suckers were out in full force. I drank some of our bottled water leand back on the bench and said with a sigh of satisfaction this is wonderful the sun is shineing the air is fresh and " There are gadflies eating me alive" princess interjects,needless to say that wonderful trip to the park ended there.

Well back to my devastating trip to the deathist I mean dentist, After a swift X-Ray the nurse came in and asked me if Id like to go to sleep or did I want shots to numb the gums and stay awake, Sleep HA!! theres no way im napping while the white coats have there hands in my mouth, Ill stay awake I replied with a confidence and ease that shocked the older all white clad nurse nice scrubs for such a nasty job ( They say the mouth has more germs then a full sink how bout those dirty facts)

They must not get to many people who want to be aware for this procedure, I was asked multiple times if I was sure before the foot long steel needle came out, OMG that thing has its own heart beat, I briefly considered passing out but before the thought was completed the injection had begun, ok so you lied once already this isnt painless after the steel ice pick looking syringe hit my gums 5 more time my tongue went numb and almost sliped down my throat. Doctor evil put another steel looking paddle in my mouth ( Are any of these things made out of marshmellows or sweettarts .....the novacaine must of reached my brain.

Relax youll only feel a little pressure she said I could of swore she was grinning,(What i heard was) Im going to tear your bone from your skull enjoy the view (What i saw) blood shiney knives things that im sure belongd on hitlers dinner table and enuff blood to make saw 10 look over the top. Crack-Crunch-Pop-Split-Squirt, that dosent do what I heard any justice to put it lightly it sounded like Al bundy choping a cherry tree to bits( My only clear thought i can remember -Why would anyone want to be awake while this is happening )

When I came to Mentaly I was walking very slowly to the waiting room feeling like a small child the waiting room was heaven and behind me was as close as you could get to hell. Beware dont go to the dentist without knowing the drill, I had to learn the hard sharp and steel way.
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Dare To Face The Day

Im new at this but im a fast learner how hard could this really be ( My thoughts after my wife Princess and I talked over me being a stay at home-Dad) Whew boy am I rethinking that under developed half cooked idea, I truely have to hand it 2 all you moms out there tru blue troopers you gals are, its a handfull alone holding down a job in this empolyment wasteland of a country some of you do both Bravo, By the way I read recently that it is harder on people who are working because there forced to pick up the slack in the company without xtra wages so being on unemployment may be better at this point in time something to consider ..... Gives you lots of time to spend with the kids and to take care of those things that seem to never get done like those clogged gutters for example.

Well half awake but ready to take on these task I stood in front of the sink and stared at the empire state high stack of plates ,Pass ,I thought to myself what else can I do sniff sniff yea that needs to be takein out Yet Again ,Does it ever seem that everytime you empty the trash it magicley refills itself ? What in the worlds goin on its like we throw out more then we buy wheres all this dang gon trash comeing from(Fact: antiHeftybag Mini mongrol monsters add garbage while your not looking my sisters cuzinz brothers friend told me) Anyway Washing The dirty cloths was without a dout the high point of my stay at home daddy day I was out, had my Music on and everything went rather smooth UNTIL ringgg riingg my android went off OK I should be able to grab the cloths put them in the bagg and answer the phone ( werent things alot easyr when there were flip-phones) stupid touch screen i touched it didnt pick up touched it didnt pick-up touched it PLOP my hard work on the floor .....and it was all going so well, Maybe ill get better at this overtime, Hopefully.
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Scott Pillgrim VS Napping In the theater

So I went to see this movie yea I go out2 movies alot i kno i kno any time away from princess yall prolly catch me at the theater with an over priced chicken tender combo with a large cup of sprite ( Those large cups are more like buckets) so i set down looked around at a rather empty theater wasnt worried just yet but ok previews start 2 roll my fav part of going to the movies, by the time the movie started the theater hadnt filled out AT ALL.

Long story short The Movie was like a fast paced napolean dynamite, the laughs were there but the movies so soopd up with CgI that it makes the story feel young and jerky.There was well done kung-fu fight scenes and very very funny moments but the actually storyline was pretty much crape i endd up walking out 50mins in(Purely because the storyline was dum and felt overplayed I yawnd after the 2nd Boyfriend he fought)Concept was kool failed on delivery, Id say go see it if you have the time to kill if not wait till it comes to redbox.

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C4 Shower Power

Princess had her suprise babyshower today, It went well close familyNfriends, It being my 1st babyshower i was shocked when we had to open and read the cards and gifts we got in front of everyone, every last baby butt wipe we pull out there was a nsynce chorus of awwws woman tend to get all mushe at these things.

The Cake was awesome Brownie layerd chocolate Amazeing and im a vanilla person so thats saying something. At the end they made my wife Princess wear a hat made from all the Rbands pulled from the gifts silly as she looked she smiled from ear to ear, shes currently putting away the gifts i believe i should help.
If you have any babyshower storys please share!!
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Do NOT FEED the waterfowl

I took a trip to my local park today, I strolled slowly next to the lake it was quite pleasant. There were young guys long boarding, couples chatting on the park benches and little children attempting to out run there out of breath parents aww almost got away this time, Then i came upon a desturbing truth WARNING do not feed waterfowl illegal to feed in county!!!!!

They said some geese and ducks may become aggressive to the point they need to be removed personal i think thats messed up, what i see happening is these nonfed water birds rioting and attacking random humans because of starvation or worse yet i take my son to the lake and theres a missing part of nature called umm animals sigh maybe thats just me what are your thoughts?
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I took a day to myself while princess rested up before work i headd out to the mall to search for something to wear to my wifes "Suprise baby shower" so i made the usual H&M , Billebong , Zumiez run threw i came up with a whole lotta nothing i did happen to stumble upon a brown suger drownd pretzel from auntie annes and a serious tween overload. I cant believe how many snippe teen label drones there are scurrying roosevelt field mall its mind boggleing. So empty handd and rather fustrated I decided to catch a flick going into inception i had kno idea what to expect. First off the movie has a star studded cast Leonardo decaprio, Ellen page (From Juno), Tom hardy (Rockn Rolla) . Heres the breakdown , In a world where technology exist to enter the mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled dream thief is given a finally chance of redemption (Chance to see his children again) which involes the most diffcult task hes ever undertaken Inception of an idea threw a dream.The movies sweet i could tell you the ending and youd still njoy it, if you have a little xtra time on your hands even if you dont!! Id say make the time this movie will have you daydreaming long after the credits.
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C4 The Baby Shower

After timeing and planning and agrueing with party planrs Kaboom...

38 weeks prego and there just now planning to give my wife princess a baby shower and they want me in on it sigh.My mother inlaw and one of princessiz very close friends rival over who will bring her to the same party(ladies its not that big of a deal) so one txted my wife inviteing her to a bbq the the other out to dinner on the same day mind you. No good they needd a inside man thats where I come into the story.

My mother inlaw txtd me last week to ask me to help out in her twisted plot to suprise my very pregnant wife sure i thought this should be easy ill just slip out a few hours before and hang a few banners NOPE she wanted me to convice a 9 month pregnant princess with swallon feet back pain and a thing for sour patch kids icecream and pickles to go to a bbq to mingle. Have you ever talk to a lady on the edge of giving birth the size of there rear end comes up at least 3times every 10mins.

Somehow i manged it so me and Princess are goin out to dinner with my mother inlaw then stopping over her friends house to say hi to everyone at the bbq (where the partys at) Ok plan set in stone job well done i though NOPE, Princess went into lador a night ago 5hours of labor little J didnt come it was false labor but shes not goin to make it another week the doctors say and the partys 6 days away and takeing our new born baby to a "BBQ" is not goin to flying with princess (it shouldnt) and who wants to give birth at one.

So my mother inlaw moved it back to the another week so the baby is a little older ummm no i dont want my baby out that early and Princess said shes not goin anywhere i couldnt get her to budge with the new "BBQ" date my mother inlaw keeps pushing it and princessiz friend keeps trying to convince her to come out.

THUS i planted C4 and told Princess, she laughd and thanked me,now we can decide when its best to do the shower Together unbeknowst to all.
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Is ladyGaga appropriate for children?

If you dont know who the recent proclaimed pop queen is your most likely living under a rock, but after truely giveing her lyrics a tru ear and a word for word listen to im starting to think thats not a bad idea at all.

In this dayNage its hard to find muisc that isnt "racey" but id have to say theres a clear diffrence between speeding fast and plowing clean into a wall. Granted ladygagas sound NOT lyrics are very catche id be liein if i told you i havent hummd one of her toons in the shower, tru as that is after really takeing time to see what i was takeing in i stopd because of the pure personal discust of it.

It would be wrong for me to bagg on ladyG without right cause and of course examples that being said
Bad romance the message- Shes a sex slave
Video Phone- She sex txting(when you have sex threw your phone)
Poker face- She flirts with the man to get to his woman, Nuff said if you ask me, I think at the end of the day it all comes down to what you want stuck in your (your childs) head, unlike adults children have a harder time stopping something that they may like but is wrong or bad for them, help them out after all your the parent.
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The 9month Old seed

So me and my lovey wife princess are at the 38th week mark. Were both getting very antse waiting for our little crumb snatcher to come.My wife went into labor at 3am she was checked into the hospital winT she stayd in labor for 5 str8 hours . She sent me a txt that just read .....(911), no answer ,she called me 8 times left 2 voice mails, one asked why i wasnt picking up ,lol woman tend to ask silly questions when in labor.

You may be wondering what shes doin out the house and away from me at 3 AM, well princess works over nite and she refuseiz to stop working sigh, good new tho she works right at the hospital we plan to have our baby at. Im hopeing she goes into labor while shes at work thats the safeizt thing that could happen if you ask me.

Well todays august 8th and shes still sporting the budda belly so little jj didnt come and yes shes working again 2nite (her choice) thanks for reading my 1st post,ill be sure to keep you updated on the growth of our littth giving tree.
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