Step Aside edward norton New Hulk Found

Heres a Better Picture,Im pretty sure he wont be able to fill the gap.Edward did his thing so im upset they didnt get him to come back for The avengers.Will see,You never know Mark ruffalo might put on a pretty good show.Im just happy they got Robert D Jr. Thats aces cause no one else would have been acceptable for Ironman.I also found out there going to be shooting on the same set as Miss Jolies latest flick Salt( Crape Trash of a movie)Shes so washed up...sad.Well Ill be sure to stay updated and keep you that way to.
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Fantastic 4z Human Torch set to play Captain America and upcoming Avengers Cast picked

The Guy at the bottoms playing Hulk instead of fight clubs edward norton
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The New iPhone Sees Monsters App

                                                               Apps For Everything !!

Like the Apple iphone apps we already have aren't enough to make Lance Armstrong not want to ride his bicycle anymore,Now Apples getting our kids into the nonsense of apps for everything.

The Monster Meter iPhone App was created to help kids that are afraid of monsters.

This nifty little app scans and scales your childs room and "Detects" Creepers,crawlers,Jumpers and bed thumpers that might be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your kids bedroom.Did you also Know iphone has an instant bad parent app. Jeez I mean come on I thought that's what dear old dad was for ,checking under the bed and in the closet.What ever happen to telling your child monsters don't exist.

Ok Ok maybe I'm taking this whole thing a little too seriously excuse me for having an old fashion mindset on parenting.I just feel bad for the Parents who's children wont go to bed because they left there iphone at work and there kids screaming "SCAN THE ROOM SCAN THE ROOM" bet they'll come to my side then(It might Be too Late By then......too late smh)This APPs DUMB!!

The Power Of Twitter In the NFL

How do you stop local television blackouts and rioting football fans from throwing Tvs threw windows? Call on Twitter!!The New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers can thank Twitter for helping  them sell out Sunday's game.

On Thursday fans checked the teams official Twitter account that told of 1,000 general tickets that still needed to be sold by 1:15 p.m. local time in order to lift the blackout.Within Hours the remaining tickets were in the hands of drooling fans,half of which were Pats fans.San Diego sent out a tweet as well yawn..

With over 52,000 follower on there twitter its clear New England is using the social networking tool to there advantage.Not only to reach out to fans but to make money.I know i wont be shocked to see this happen again in the near future.Technology is great ,its even better when we use it to get done what couldn't of happened without it.


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True Story This has happen to me!!

Self Help. Part 2 How to be a bully!!

Before I set down to write part 2 of self help, I looked threw my local newspaper. I seen that there are truly disturbing matters taking place in our school system.Not just in higher grades but the elementary schools as well. When I was in school teasing and jesting was a normal everyday occurrence on the play ground. As of the past Few years the poking fun as escalated to a staggering level and resulting in harmful occurrence's .I do enjoy statistics but I'm not here to run down the facts. Rather I hope to dispel many of the beliefs there are attached to bullies and how they can get the help that is needed before they become responsible for the deep inner pain and or harm of another.

The Poison that lives within

Many people have come down hard on the abuse that children call poking fun.Why do the children doing it view it different from the on lookers that see it as savage behavior? Is there something wrong with your Our eyes? Maybe there is....perhaps were not looking at it the way the child is. How can that be? Pain is pain right. No!

Imagine a baby being born in a psychiatric ward year in and year out they will no doubt witness behavior that is, mentally unstable,aggressive,controlling,disrespectful to the authority's that are there to help. They may even come across patients that are overly sexual and manipulative.To them this is NORMAL yes because they were raised around an atmosphere that shows (may have not taught) but showed them this every day they have come to believe that's how everyone is. To them those who don't act within these mannerism  are weird,different(geeks,nerds,Wimps If you will). 
Behavior is learned and a child that brings violence or other offensive acts to school is learning it from somewhere(Tv,Games,Parents).A question to the parents, has your child ever come home and whopped you on the side of your head? If the answer is no,take a moment to think why not......

These may just be some of the reasons that went threw your head

1.Those acts wont be tolerated in my home.
2.He or she isn't that kind of person.
3.My child would never THINK to do something like that because love,respect etc.

All these reasons can boil down to one statement"I taught my child better then that".
So when we see a toddler,teen,young adult bring those types of behavior's to school the question is not why is this child doing this but where did this child learn to act this way.Sifting threw the layers of the childs Mind can revel that answer but how is that accomplished.

I will discus that in , Self help Part 3 "Your Crazy, Here's how I can Tell"


Self Help,Steps to recovering yourself from that hectic life

Psycho ,Lazy, Awkward, Geek ,Out there, Down to earth, we hear these terms all of the time.Most of us use them in our daily lives but what do they mean? Who do they refer to? If we were to fit in to one of theses category's can we ourselves decide when we change from one to the other. Is a person always destine to be caged in by the emotion that creates the atmosphere around him or her we call our being our essence.

Many people believe change is beyond them but I'm here to tell you that's far from the truth.Refinement can take place in many ways.Ive taken the time to put it into Three simple understood classes.

1.The turtle walk- The tw is when someone transforms slowly as the name would depicted.The motivations is not there and is usually from and out-side source which causes a forced transition .The individual is pushed in a path he or she doesn't want to go so it becomes a up hill battle toward self progression.

2.The rapid rush- This is a dangerous course,this takes place when a person wants to make a difference's in his life but isn't sure where to start so he or she moves hastily choosing various paths inconsistently , many times these new and dangerous behaviors do create a revamped life feeling but no true progress in attained.

3.Stroll To happiness- Simplely  put you set your mind on what you want and you go get it.Slow and steady minded don't forget it is a stroll.This is the best kind of change one that's tamed and at the individuals own pace.

Watch where your life's headed

"You must see the end to know where to begin"-Bradley Campbell

"Walking with scissors is just as bad as running because its not the pace your moving at that's going to cause you to hurt yourself its when you trip that the harm comes"-Bradley Campbell

Teach the head and the body will follow,with that being said here are

Fives Rules For Brain-Body Health

1.Drink plenty of water and green tea (not many calories in theses).
Reason-Your brain is 80 percent water,proper hydration is key and the first rule in The BB Health system.

2.Limit caffeine intake(as much as you can)
Reason-Caffeine dehydrates the brain,which makes it harder to think.Also causes increase muscle tension.

3.Reduce salt intake and increase potassium intake.
Reason-A high Salt intake diet has been proven to raise hypertension.Potassium contains vital electrolytes.

4.Plan snacks
Reason- Going to long without eating will cause your blood sugar levels to drop too low.Low blood sugar levels have been associated with poor impulse control and irritability.

5.Take a daily Multivitamin/mineral supplement.
Reason- Lets face it most of us are to busy to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.These little guys give us the nutritious we miss in our busy day.

Are you ready to reset, re-balance and build stress resistance wall of health and well-being? Comeback and Discover how.

If you enjoyed this post leave a comment,Thax for reading =)
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Cheap Ideas for Curing Basement Blues

I never dreaded Monday night football until I moved into the basement of Doom.Don't get me wrong its a great place but basements have alot of downsides.The stampeding ogers that live above me drive my with and I crazy at times.I'm so elated that my newborn sons a heavy sleeper.If he wasn't I have a feeling Id haveing to go up stairs hourly and plead my case,my son just got to sleep ,I have to get up early In the morning and my wife has a shotgun aimed at the ceiling ,please for everyone's sake keep it down.

Besides that the service blows NO WIfI.Ive found if I stand on the couch and stick my phone by the window Ill get 3G, Other wise Ive struck gold just to get one bar of Edge-(The lower grade signal before the famous 3G took over).

Ive constructed a list for all those basement dwellers who wish to make life below ground alot better.

First and foremost ,most if not all basements feel and look small.
A large mirror will make the room look larger.I have about 6 mirrors,Placing them in areas you want to look bigger is the key.Living room ,bathroom and of course the bedroom are prime targets.

Second basements always have small windows so it tends to be dark in ominous 90 percent of the time. No one wants to live in a mole hole so get light bulbs with a natural light spectrum. It will add a very nice outside feeling,I use 120 volt day lights,Great bulbs Great Price courtesy of home depot.

Third unless you like the gloomy swap like habitat get small dehumidifiers.Basements get moggy something serious (you ll need this more in the summer,you can also save money by getting one that doubles as a fan).

For the bedroom lighting a nice orangy / rusty red lamp - will give you that warm cosy feel, just get one in for the corner of the room(best for the bedroom hudda hudda)=).

Fourth Wallpaper keeps the walls of the basement from drying if they get wet. Paint walls; don’t use wallpaper.

Fifth THROW RUGS!! I love them because if you choose different colors on different parts of the house you make various spaces seem like they have there own theme.My son has one plush color driped Green,Red,Yellow,Blue and Brown rug we got from ikea under his crib.It only sticks out a few feet but when you step on it you feel like your in his domain.Nice Touch!!

Well these are only a few tips if you have any questions on how you can spruce up that old spider infested basement more feel free to email me or leave a comment.Any tips of your own? Love to hear.

Happy basement living all my fellow mole people.
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Shame-Shame That diaper Butts2Cute

A bus Ride 2 forget

Bus riding Not for the faint of heart.In one corners a nameless sticky substance in the the other a nameless sticky looking old man and I really really hope that isn't pee.

I Dread the thought of taking my son on the (Bus)Mta.The thought makes my blood itch.In this every declining economy its hard to afford a car a house and a baby.You would think going Green is a simple solution but sitting on this traveling circus garbage truck I feel like everyone who's goes green gets punished daily.

Im not sure where all the money for the City's going but one things for-sure its not purchasing anything toward our comfort.

Well there's no use ranting and raving over a system that refuses to change.
I was on the bus in the first place because my ssCard got up and walked away. I'm happy to say that getting there was the most time consuming part.It felt like a 1..2..3 and I was done and out the door headed back to Princess and my little one.I'm total not looking forward to the trip home.Soon as i get back to the base of operation I plan on taking a nice long bleach bath.
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Brain-Dead MommyNDaddy

SIGH sometimes I sit in front of the tube watching Toy Story 2 for the zillionth time,thinking deeply there has to be something more productive that I could be doing with my life at this moment.


Laundries in the washer AND the dryer the dishes are washed
And our little jude babies fast asleep giving off a happy yawn often enough for you to not forget his presence.Its amazing how hes sleep but threw coos, twitch-is and cuteness he demands attention.
The house is as clean as its going to get(when there's a baby in the home nothing seems to stay clean I'm pretty sure when we sleep he gets up , throws all the dvds on the floor ,spits on all the plates and spoons then puts them back in the sink ,unfolds all the shirts and hides every left sock he can find.

How I find myself in 18 years? Brain dead from lack of sleep,Naked because all my garments have been completely ruined from spit-up and miss-fired pee shots, drooling from over exposure to green ,brown ,orange and ugh whatever that color is baby poop.With a permanent "Wheres your mother look" plastered on my face.

I guess these moments of sitting alone quietly watching kids movies ,laughing a little and relaxing alot is the most productive thing I can be doing for my mental health(It helps a Great deal) When you have a child never forget the child inside of you He or She will keep you grounded.When you laugh at something your kids done instead of throwing a fit ,thank the inner child because its him/her that helps you understand and sometimes enjoy the little ones shenanigans.
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The Venture Family

I feel like I've been away from my Website so long I don't know where to start to get back on a roll.Having a child is no easy matter. I thought the 9months was tough till the labor. Then I thought the labor was tough till the delivery.

Now that he's here, a whole new ball of wax has been slipped under my feet to slide on, trip and get stuck.

Its good to hear, after a month, that your child has textbook good health.That was one of my worries. My family has down's syndrome in my mother's line. So my wife and I were a bit antsy.We didn't do all the tests to find out whether or not he might be a child with down's syndrome because we knew, either way, we'd love him all the same.

So, as you can imagine, a sigh of relief fell over us when we discoverd he was perfect head to toe: ten fingers, ten toes.

Taking him home was amazing. It's almost too good to grasp that the hospital will allow you to take such a precious little human life away to care for without any experience.

The adventure has only begun...........
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