The New iPhone Sees Monsters App

                                                               Apps For Everything !!

Like the Apple iphone apps we already have aren't enough to make Lance Armstrong not want to ride his bicycle anymore,Now Apples getting our kids into the nonsense of apps for everything.

The Monster Meter iPhone App was created to help kids that are afraid of monsters.

This nifty little app scans and scales your childs room and "Detects" Creepers,crawlers,Jumpers and bed thumpers that might be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your kids bedroom.Did you also Know iphone has an instant bad parent app. Jeez I mean come on I thought that's what dear old dad was for ,checking under the bed and in the closet.What ever happen to telling your child monsters don't exist.

Ok Ok maybe I'm taking this whole thing a little too seriously excuse me for having an old fashion mindset on parenting.I just feel bad for the Parents who's children wont go to bed because they left there iphone at work and there kids screaming "SCAN THE ROOM SCAN THE ROOM" bet they'll come to my side then(It might Be too Late By then......too late smh)This APPs DUMB!!

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